rochgroupWelcome to the website of Box Hill Bedlam. We are a mixed bedlam morris side formed in September 2012 in Dorking. Our name is taken from the famous hill just outside the town where the box trees grow in abundance and the eccentric Major Labilliere was buried upside down on the very top back in 1800.

Our kit is gothic black and green and we wear masks or paint our faces to hide our identity. Tradition says that border dancers originally painted their faces as a disguise so that they would not be recognised, as street performing was seen as begging.

Several of our dances have been created by members of Box Hill Bedlam with some borrowed from other morris sides (with permission) together with a couple of more traditional offerings. Our aim is to entertain, perform well and have immense fun. We practice and perform all year round at festivals, fairs, special events and of course pubs.

As you browse our site you will find information on our future events, joining Box Hill Bedlam and booking us as well as more about who we are and what we do. We hope you will also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.