Dances used with permission

In addition to the dances we enjoy creating ourselves BHB also dance a number of dances written by other morris sides and used with kind permission. The following dances are included in our 2014 repertoire:

Away With the Fairies
Co-written by side member Megan from her days with Bacchus Border Morris.  Megan shared this dance with us.  Danced to ‘Four Up’ written by Barry Goodman and occasionally known as ‘The Stick Dropping Dance’.

Box Hill & Scarper
A dance originally called ‘Bodgit & Scarper’ and written by Bakanalia who gave us permission to use it. Originally danced to ‘St Bartholomew’s Eve’ we changed the tune to ‘Uttoxeter Swing’ and the name evolved a bit too.

Tinners Rabbits
Grimspound’s dance, now danced widely throughout the border morris community. Our teaching dance used for workshops and community organisations  and danced to the traditional border tune ‘Not for Joe’ or sometimes to other tunes, depending on how we feel at the time.

Another dance from Megan’s Bacchus days and co-written by her. This is danced to ‘The Beginning of the World’ and uses tankards and sticks.  Sometimes the dance also includes an affectionate tribute to Cotswold morris, hankies and questionable regional accents.

White Hart
A dance created by Hook Eagle and used with their kind permission. We dance this to the Breton tune Thème Vannetais, also known as ‘Ten Viennettas’ in these parts.