Original Dances

Box Hill Bedlam enjoy creating our own dances and have developed a number of dances in our own unique style.  If you would like to use any of our original dances please get in touch to ask us first.

The newest dance to come out of the BHB R&D department. The name of this dance comes from the hey used in it and also celebrates the bellows of the melodeons we love so much.  Sometimes we even include some bellowing for good measure. The tune is a traditional Flemish or Dutch children’s song called Jan Mijne Man (Jan, My Man).

Black Rat
A dance written by the BHB collective, partially inspired by a scene Demon Barbers’ show ‘The Lock In’ which features a version of Longsword dance done with pool cues.  BHB were one of the featured sides dancing before the show in Crawley back in early 2013 and wrote this dance shortly afterwards.  The dance is named in honour of the band Black Rat who kindly gave us permission to use their tune ‘St Bartholomew’s Eve’.

Big Cockerel Roundabout
Another dance written by the BHB collective and new for 2014, danced to the tune ‘Bob & Joan’, a Playford tune which features in ‘The Dancing Master’ of 1651 where it appears as ‘Bobbing Joe’  to be danced ‘longwayes for as many as will’.
This dance is named in honour of Dorking’s most famous roundabout, once named one of Britain’s best and featured in the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society’s 2012 calendar. Yes, here at BHB we care about such cultural ephemera.

Boys of Bedlam (dance on)
Our signature dance on, performed to unaccompanied singing from side members Cat & Judith.  The song used is, quite fittingly, ‘Boys of Bedlam’.  The verses come originally from ‘Mad Maudlin’s Search’ first published in 1720 by Thomas d’Urfey in his Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy.

Major Labilliere
Written for the side by a former member ‘Major Labilliere’ celebrates Dorking’s most famous historical eccentric.  Danced to the tune ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’.  Major Labilliere was buried upside down on Box Hill in June 1800 and you can see his grave to his day, although fact fans should note the date on the grave shows the wrong month.